The Truth About Google Supplemental Results

You excitedly key in your site’s URL in Google’s online search engine and your site turns up in Google’s supplemental results. What exactly are Google supplemental results and why do you not want your internet site to show up in them? According to Google’s FAQ page, supplemental results are part of Google’s reliable index and pages, which appear on the supplemental listing, have “fewer restrictions” compared to those that appear on the main results page. Searches for video marketing or social media marketing links are the most frequent ones. They further say that the inclusion of sites on the main or supplemental index is strictly automated and does not affect page ranking at all.

In truth however, webpages that appear on the main index will more often than not show up first in a search. Supplemental search engine results will only show up if there are hardly any or no results at all in the main index. Plenty of older websites also tend to fill the supplemental results page. Naturally the supplemental results page is not the place you would like your internet site to end up. Surprisingly several individuals have emailed Google asking that their internet sites be included in the supplemental index.

Just like in the title and description labels, using duplicate content material text in a number of different webpages will most likely result in inclusion in the supplemental index. Internet pages with little or no text content articles are another candidate for the supplemental index; image tags, costs and small descriptive text do not normally count as Google generally views these as commercial page contents, destined for…you guessed it: the supplemental index. Long URL’s or URL’s with plenty of dashes are also generally thought of as spam by Google which is the good reason that many webpages hosted by free websites end up in the supplemental catalog.

The very first thing you can do is to create some good content. A few outlines of text won’t be enough. Make sure it is relevant to your topic and that potential visitors to your website will enjoy reading through it. That goes for all the pages in your internet site, try not to have less than 50 words on any page on your website. And if you have any wording content that you “copied” from another site, now would be a perfect time to change them. Rewrite your title and description tags to be as descriptive and relevant to your site as possible, but take care not to make them too long or contain repeated keywords.

These are only the more usual things to consider if you wish to avoid being relegated to the Google supplemental index results. As you can see, fixing these problems after you’re internet site has already been placed in the supplemental index will not assure relocation to the main index; remember it is easier to avert being placed in the supplemental index than it is to be taken out. Social media marketing internet sites are now cautious with what they state because of this. So do it right the very first time and design your website accordingly, and hopefully you can enjoy the benefits of main index listing and the high result ranking that you wish for.

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